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Musikfladens first 7-inch-sampler unites four electronic supersonic artists on plastic. all in all 13 minutes toy-tekkno!

provides poploops by exploiting the 6581of his c64. natalja sings about ninja turtles and has got a voice to fall in love with

inventor of the sidsyn and first hour micro- musician, tells with "tomaten" about a trauma of his childhood

NAOMISAMPLE & THE GO GO GHOSTS provokate with trash out of woolworth-keyboards

forces to dance with casiotones and fat beats

7" Vinyl - 4 Tracks - limited to 300 pcs.
Price: 5,-
The Sampler unites 15 artists and bands from more ore less different musical and sub-cultural contexts, somewhere between guitar and electronic beats.

If you're looking for knob twiddling synth sounds, this isn't what you seek, but if you like guitar or 'indy' music check it out!

idledew - dive for cover
phon░noir - slowdown
a boy and his sid - ninja korniace
the plane is on fire - honeymoon/president suite
stale - nova
item - pennies from heaven (everytime it rains)
julius - i don't even know your name
the atom and eve - leap of faith
me vs. me - signs & symbols
cherry sunkist - cake
astrophil & stella - speedboat
alcoholic sunrise - korken knall'n
waldorf - i didn't know what i was searching
fonoda - not dead (just sleeping)
roger dean young & the tin cup - stettler II

CD / Digipack - 15 Tracks - limited to 1000pcs
Price: -SOLD OUT-

Welcome to my humble, little shop! So take a cookie, tea should also be somewhere around, and make yourself comfortable.

Todays offer is something very special, fresher than the fresh prince!!!

Musikfladens first single sampler 'Schubfladen' contains the first Monome track on Vinyl.
And for CD lovers, and those who like guitar music - check out the Sketchbook Sampler!

So get out your last bucls under your sofa cushion or finally return all your empties and get a Monome record!!!

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