a UCApps.de project

16 Track Live Step and Morph Sequencer + advanced Arpeggiator

Again one of TK's fantastic projects!    

  • optimized for live playing and editing
  • every parameter can be modified in realtime w/o affecting the sequencer timings
  • one sequencer pattern consists of 4 independent tracks
  • four patterns can be played at the same time -> makes 16 tracks
  • Each track consists of 3 layers which can be assigned to
    • Note Number, Velocity, Gate Length (on Note Events, Aftertouch, etc..)
    • CC Number, CC Value, Gate Length (on Controllers)
    • Pitch Bender, Gatelength
    • CV Outputs
  • available modes for every track: Normal/Transpose/Transpose+Hold/Arpeggiator/Arp.+Hold/Controller
  • available directions for every track: Forward/Backward/PingPong/Random
  • available clock divider for every track: BPM/1, BPM/2, BPM/4, BPM/8, BPM/16, BPM/32, BPM/64
  • available length for every track: 1-16
  • two groove styles (shuffle and inverse shuffle), prepared for 16 styles
  • two morphing modes (smooth and threshold)
  • Manual step triggering
  • Simple Step Record function
  • comfortable step shifting function
  • tracks and single steps can be muted
  • parameters can be changed for a single or for multiple tracks and steps at the same time (with a single rotary encoder turn)
  • Accent/Slide/CC sequences
  • 8 CV outputs for analog gear
  • 128 patterns can be saved in every BankStick
  • additional BankStick for up to 16 songs
  • patterns can be looped and chained in song mode
  • MIDI Remote functions
  • 48-255 BPM (MIDI clock master)
  • external sync (MIDI clock slave)
  • works with quadrubled MIDI clock resolution (96 ppqn)
  • several hardware options (from vintage design with 64 pots to ergonomic design with two 2x40 LCDs and 17 rotary encoders