Here you'll find a small selection of my musical works. The 3 projects below are just a little style classification and are all produced by Julian Schmidt. All tracks, images and the rest of the content is released under a Creative Commons-License so don't steal, ask!

Liveset: Monome Live @ Theaterkate Gießen 12/05 - 52mb

Podcast: Monome Music Podcast - just enter the URL in your podcast player

cranky noize
Banzai Banana
Here's the hard stuff! Our crazy banana violates innocent toys, challenges the good taste for a duel, and the ones who complain get an extra portion sound on their ears!

funky chip tunes
A Boy and his SID
Since their childhood the SID and Julian are good friends. They go through a lot of hairraising adventures together. In their freetime, if they are not busy saving a sweet princess from a mad professor, they hide in Julians bedroom and make bleepy tunes...
Listen to it!

You think mp3s are too impersonal? You prefer physical contact?

Further you're planning a fluffy party where you need more artists?

Then why not drop me a mail and you and your guests can bang your head on the Monome wall of sound! *G*

ambient and downbeat
For all the sleepyheads out there! Nemuri brings you finest ambient tunes, smooth downbeats and all the relaxation you need in a fast world like today!.