Monome Music was founded in the beginning of 2005. Which doesn't mean, that before I just laid lazy in the sun or scared little children. No, quite the contrary! Ok, almost, scared children? Maybe... and about laying lazy in the sun... that definitely too!

Whatever. What I actually wanted to say - Everything started around 1996 with my first tracker software and a rapid ascend as hiphop prole when I made the beatz and scratches for some projects (Diverse Verse, Binom...)

Short after the beginning of the new millenium, I more and more started to prefer electronic music. In the last years I released music in the net under different names like 'Elfenjunge' or 'PotiPoser' until I founded Monome and the here presented artists like 'A Boy and his SID' or 'Nemuri' in the beginning of 2005.

The Monome Music basement is located in Bonn / Germany (near Cologne).. The whole thing is a one man project - that means all content is created by me - Julian Schmidt. The separation in the different projects is just a little style classification. All content is property of Monome Music a.k.a. Julian Schmidt and was released under a Creative Commons-License.

About me...
Pixelslider, Hessenhippie, soldering-iron-juggler, cat-lover, buccaneer, shroomhead, coffee junk, binary-bean-counter, stunt smoker...

I was born 1981 in a small town in the Black Forest called 'Schwenningen'. 19 years later I moved to Hamburg to enjoy some cheap Astra and hang out in the Golden Pudel Club. And for now I grounded, like said before, in Giessen. Oh no! wait! what am i talking?!? It's Bonn now! When I don't make music, build synths or create crazy plans to make the world a better place (like painting all ponies pink and stick a horn on their head!) i spend my time studying Media and Computerscience.

about Monome...
Monome is a non-commercial freetime project. So nobody here (especially me) earns a cent. The only motivation behind monome is fun! I create stuff in my freetime when I've got nothing better to do.

Ok, normally there's a lot other stuff to do, but what is better than making music? If I wouldn't put my tracks in the net, just a small amount of people at my live shows would hear them. I prefer when all of you can enjoy my work..

If you like the concept and my music, you can support me by visiting my Shop or booking me as artist for your next party!